The primary vision of founding this company from the very beginning was not to make quick money. It was about investing the research and development of the car diagnostics which can really bring the benefit and easy solutions to the car repair technicians, personal enthusiast, DIY users, and creating a culture inside our company the team work and innovation above anything else. Keeping eyes on long term running, achieving this, good things can be kept and followed.

Guiding principles
The followings are the basic principles we think about all the time, when we make a decision, regardless of large or small.

Innovation technology
That delivers the benefit to the users.

Teamwork and collaboration
That inspires our good people to stay and others to join.

To get more customers and users to benefit our products and produce more opportunities for our employees.

Essenes and values
These are quantities that every employee knows and the quantities make up the foundation of the company cultures. At BOSSCOMM, we have passions to do jobs better, we apply the high level of inquiry and invention to discover the new connection and development of new products. User experience is always our attention with our pursuit for the enlightening, the unique, and the delightful. We seek to develop the environment that challenges us to pursue the excellence and reach out our fullest potential.

We conduct business with business integrity. We must show our hightest standard of business ethics in our dealing with customers and suppliers, we must gain the support and trust from them, and build up our reputation through individual integrity and respect. BOSSCOMM employees are expected to be honest and open in all business matters and to act consistently with values we shared inside the company.

We pursue excellence in anything we do. Excellence has always been integral to our business. We expect our products, people, practices, and leadership to exemplify it. Our attitude is always to challenge ourselves to be better.


We encourage innovation in all aspects of our works, research, innovation, invention are essence of our company.
Our success results from exploring new methods and ideas beyond the conventional boundaries.
Innovation must drive across the company into every aspect of our works.
We must foster an environment that encourage individuals to stretch imaginations and abilities, and give the freedom to pursue their ideas.


We have a passion for what we do.
Our passion and enthusiasm for what we do enable us to achieve the highest performance and innovation we have set for ourselves.
We believe that people who are focused, internally motivated, and energized by what they do sperad their enthusiasm to others.
We derive great benefits from individuals who champion their ideas and from leaders who inspired us to higher levels of achievement.


We treat others with respect.
Mutual respect and trust from the foundation for effective working relationships.
We recognize that cooperation with each other and between groups is vital to our success.
This means that each and every one of us must communicate openly, value different opinions and treat each other with fairness and respect.


Together, we create value for our customers.
We must work in connection with our colleagues to ensure all the contributions add value for our customers.
We must have customer perspective to understand customer's need, to create products and services of lasting quality which delight customers in unexpected ways.