Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Multi-brand Cars Makes

Basic Function + Oil Reset

Read DTC / Erase DTC / Read Live Data / Actuator Test

Live Data Graphic Display with 2 - Channel

Vehicle Coverage for

American + European

Asian + Chinese


OBDII Code Reader

Suspension Control System

Steering Wheel Control System

Oil Service Reset

Seat Belt Control System

Transmission Control System

BMS Battery Module System

EPB Reset

Engine Control System

TPMS Control System

  • 1 - Used As Tab key

    Different operation areas can be

    switched over among each other by

    pressing the Fn key in special testing

  • 2 - To Call the Keyboard

    To input some necessary message with

    keyboard to switch over different parts

  • 3 - To select live data

    Select the live data during the car

    testing by pressing the Fn key

  • 4 - Graphic display live data

    Display the live data graphic with 2 channels